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Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MCI) Headquarter, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, since 2014

With the MCI Business Park, planned by AS&P in 2014, set to be an attractive government and mixed use development, the new Ministry of Commerce and Industry Headquarter is the iconic eponymous landmark, located at the gates to the business park. With its contemporary yet timeless architecture the new MCI HQ is inspired by the ministries forward-thinking, innovation-leading spirit and dignified understatement; a showcase of what a contemporary government building can be. The distinct footprint derives from its use as office and public service building and benefits from the master plan concept as well boosts it. Spacious plazas provide a generous entrance situation, the elegant shadow roof complements the buildings shape and supports the embracing welcoming gesture. A central, light-filled atrium is the buildings main axis and connecting magistrale, extending over the full height of the building. Internal bridges interconnect the two central wings and contribute to the buildings flexibility and efficiency. Loggias located adjacent to these bridges invite to informal meetings and communication. All employees in this 55,000 m² GFA Ministry benefit from the lightweight, transparent design, enjoy natural daylight at their working places and have a tremendous view. The new MCI HQ provides highly flexible, low maintenance and high quality multiple use office spaces, a representative minister's suite, a modern and spacious customer service area as well as amenities such as lush indoor gardens and versatile creative rooms. A pleasant work environment inspires, motivates and attracts highly skilled and dedicated professionals from throughout the kingdom.

view from the MCI Business Park




55,000 m²


Office / Administration