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Residential Housing Europaviertel construction site No. 26 "7FLOORS", Frankfurt am Main, since 2013

The ensemble consists of four distinct five or six-storey buildings arranged to clearly structure a perimeter block. While the block is fully closed to the north and south, the use of a smaller structure in the west creates two entrances into its interior. The façades reveal a classical division into stone podiums and plastered upper stories. The combination of large, tall windows and bright plasterwork lends the buildings an open and inviting look-and-feel. Further characteristic elements include outdoor sitting areas, which have been designed as loggias overlooking the street and as protruding balconies facing the courtyard. On approx. 18,000 square meters of total GFA, the four buildings are home to 182 apartments sized between one and four rooms. A single-storey underground carpark in the basement offers parking slots along with tenant storage spaces, bicycle racks, and garbage rooms. The elongated courtyard will have two central zones on either end, which are linked with each other by a small garden space and serve as a distribution and meeting point. The northern plaza comes with a designated toddlers play area, the southern plaza features two areas with sports and games facilities for older kids. The large trees in the garden have been planted directly in the ground. An opening in the ceiling of the underground carpark was left for this purpose.

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aurelis Real Estate GmbH & Co. KG


23,520 m²


Residential Development