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Celebration Hall for the Diplomatic Quarter, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2011

Given the increased demand for prestigious, spacious premises for wedding celebrations and other ceremonies hosted by the royal family, the Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA) staged an international competition for the design and construction of a palace in which the weddings of the male members of the royal family can be celebrated. Boasting outstanding, feudal architecture, Celebration Hall is intended to become the landmark of the Diplomatic Quarter (DQ) in Riyadh. The AS&P design for Celebration Hall takes the form of a polished diamond resting on a velvet cushion. The roof and the facade comprise facetted surfaces and in terms of construction and aesthetics create a union with the column-free interior. The design of the façade is a reinterpretation of classical Arab ornamentation, giving it a contemporary touch. The design of the grounds is also based on this geometry, with exterior and interior linked by the continuous landscape, creating union. The folds in the roof structure are visible on the inside, creating an unmistakable spatial experience. The Hall is up to 145 meters in diameter and at its highest point 20 meters high. The minimalist architecture displays respect for the dignity of the ceremonies that will be held there and is complemented by opulent, elegant interior fittings.



ADA Arriyadh Development Authority


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