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Kindergarten Eschborn, 2003 - 2004

In late 2002 the City of Eschborn decided to demolish its old South-West Kindergarten and replace it with a larger and more modern building. A design concept was developed through a series of work meetings together with city representatives and teachers. It was essential to support the teaching methods through an appropriate architectural interpretation. The resulting design entails a kindergarten that, with its two-storeys, greatly resembles a residential home. The four groups each have their own space including private areas which can be individually decorated by the children, kitchen, washroom and storage closet. The combination of significant spatial demands and a small building lot entailed that the kindergarten be designed in a very compact manner. To provide sufficient natural light to all of its rooms, the building was oriented so that light would come in through the side windows of the upper floor. In addition, light channeling systems were integrated into the south façade which redirect direct sunlight and make the rooms bright and friendly. A spacious, and partially extensively planted, roof patio lies between the upper group rooms. The glass façade of the entrance side and the façade adjoining the roof patio are covered with a large stencil of a green meadow. To make the interim relocation of the kindergarten into containers as short as possible, the entire construction schedule was limited to nine months. The budget was also met even though higher quality interiors and special details were introduced.

Elevation courtyard aspect with outdoor facilities


Stadt Eschborn


1,200 m²


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