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Competition Schwannstrasse, Düsseldorf, 2008

The office building on Schwannstraße, with its strong external presence, is located at the Kennedydann, Düsseldorf's most important traffic thoroughfare between the airport, trade fair and downtown. With efficient use of the property, the developed ‘comb' form enables five highly useful entrance yards to take shape. The building composition is oriented towards the existing urban fabric, flexible to use and functions both with exclusive office use as well as partial residential use. The structure's backbone, in terms of its accessibility, is marked by three east-west oriented glass-covered spaces which create an efficient and high quality entrance foyer for the entire ensemble. These one-storied entrances spaces, or gaps, consciously contrast the strict and meticulously designed curtain facades of the offices. The building is heated by geothermal probes and a highly efficient heat pump. Cooling is carried out by geothermal probes and ground water with a surface system (thermo-active ceilings). All these are consistent with the goal of the project: the balance between efficiency, sustainability and a development respecting its location.

Visualization from Kennedydamm in Dusseldorf


Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf


Office / Administration | Residential Development


1st prize