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Connection of PTS - Station A, Frankfurt /Main Airport, 2009 - 2014

The Personal Transport System PTS at the Frankfurt Airport connects the passenger terminals T1 and T2 via a cabless elevated train. Within the scope of the \"Development Area A-Plus\" project, the beginning of operations at terminal T1 A Plus will guarantee the connection of the so-called \"Root (hub) Area A\" to the already existing PTS station A. In the future the PTS station is to accommodate all traffic to and from \"Terminal 1 Area A\". Initially, AS&P studied different approaches using varied levels of involvement and accordingly classified potentials as to their expansion options and additional uses, such as retail areas. The currently planned construction measures involve the redesign of the PTS Station A during ongoing terminal operations to cover four levels. Among other things, the project objective is to redesign of the US-passenger security checkpoint on level 3, further passenger-related areas on levels 1 and 2 and a shopping area. As planning and implementation are affected by the manner in which the existing situation is handled and the ability to maintain ongoing operations, building logistics and the conclusive definition of the construction phases are focal points of the project.


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