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Lufthansa Lounges in the A-Plus Pier, Frankfurt/Main Airport, 2010 - 2013

In October 2012 the extension of Terminal A at Frankfurt Airport saw five new Lufthansa lounges go into service in the new A-Plus Pier. Together with Frankfurter Aufbau AG (FAAG), AS&P built three of these lounges: the Senator Lounge on the arrival and departure level for flights within the EU, and the Business and Senator Lounges in the Non-Schengen area. Measuring 2,100 square meters, the Senator Lounge in the Non-Schengen area is the largest Lufthansa lounge worldwide. The new Lufthansa lounge design features for the first time in all three lounges. Large comfort zones with luxurious leather chairs are a prefect place in which to while away the time. Quiet rooms with recliners and relaxation areas featuring large rear-illumination walls featuring motifs create a relaxed atmosphere. Spacious buffet areas with curved Corian and oak bistro counters, as well as various beverage and snack areas are available to the travelers. Quiet, secluded workspaces and sound-insulated telephone alcoves enable concentrated working, before or after a flight. In each of the lounges a spa-like area with state-of-the art showers gives guests an opportunity to freshen up en route. In the lounges soft tones are predominant: from the off-white Corian surfaces and the beige oak finishes to the brown tones of the groups of leather seats. The curved lines of the baffle ceiling, counters, and fittings guide passengers on their way to the lounges. The baffle ceiling's bright finish directs light perfectly, enabling it to set accents and create calm, dimmed ambient illumination.

Senator-Lounge, Non-Schengen area


Deutsche Lufthansa AG


7,500 m²