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Terminal Development Planning, Frankfurt Hahn Airport, 2006 - 2007

In 2006 the joint venture of NACO/AS&P studied the development of a new terminal to the southwest of the existing airport facilities. In the meantime Frankfurt-Hahn Airport has decided to develop a new terminal on the site of the existing facilities. The results of the studies retain their validity regardless of the location of the terminal: the reduction of terminal into a process-oriented facility via the separation of primary and secondary aviation functions; linear extension options for the terminal building; and reinforcement of the landside retail development. The project proposes expanding the passenger facilities at their current locations in conjunction with the development of a master plan. The resulting terminal concept is characterized by flexibility towards new demands and the option of expansion in phases. The so-called "Hunsrueck-Plaza" is the focal point of the landside development. It is comprised of generous retail spaces and a functional arrangement of the access drive, possible train station, bus terminal and parking lots. The terminal building utilizes the topography of the site. Its design also contains the option of unlimited linear expansion of the terminal in the future. The low-cost terminal which NACO/AS&P also designed can easily be developed on the site of the existing terminal.

Master plan: terminal, apron, land-sided development and upstream retail


Fraport AG


50,000 m²