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Overall Concept Approach to Terminal 1 and Bus Station, Frankfurt/Main Airport, 2011

The approach to Terminal 1 of Frankfurt Airport is organized on two levels; it shapes the perception of the airport and even though it primarily functions as a transport link, it also forms a part of the public image of the airport itself as well as Fraport AG. In particular when compared with other large airports, failings in terms of both functionality and design become apparent. After participating in a conceptual competition, AS&P was commissioned to create an overall concept for the long-term re-design of the entrance. The proposed transportation policy measures to reduce the existing multi-modal infrastructure enable a redistribution of the areas for traffic and pedestrians into a system with orientation points and areas. These will serve to zone off the area, which today remains unstructured today, and also make the inner structure of the terminal visible from the outside. The concept offers efficient and flexible usage on Level 1 with a sequence of zones (A, B and C), based on the existing terminal structure in relation to space and function, which are to be separated by "traffic courtyards". To the North the perimeter of these zones will be defined by three elongated buildings, which in their location and cubic shape correspond to existing constructions, namely the regional and long-distance train station. The approach to the departures area on Level 2 will be limited to the scale necessary to manage the flow of traffic in order to reduce surplus coverage of Level 1. For passengers, visitors and employees the proposed conception offers a clear, easy-to-navigate, quality leisure space.

view of zone C


Fraport AG