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Master Planning, Hanover Airport, 2001 - 2006

Airports are complex systems, which have to adapt to the rapidly changing demands through dynamic processes of constant alterations. In the future the importance of the non-aviation business sector's role will increase. Serving as an economic crutch, this role will accommodate the general expansion plan through the allocation of high quality areas for real estate development. In order to develop the Hanover Airport in accordance with future demand, the existing general expansion plan has been further developed together with the Hanover Airport Corporation for planning until 2010. The goal of the general expansion plan was to designate clear development spheres for the airport's significant areas of operation in the form of a master plan. The allocation of these areas will ensure the long-term development potential of the area and structurally functional expansion.

Aerial view airport Hanover-Langenhagen


Flughafen Hannover

Planning area:

670 ha