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Spatial Development Dübendorf Airport Vicinity, Switzerland, 2008

By 2014 the area of the former military airport near Zurich is expected to become vacant. As the last large strategic land reserve in the vicinity of the downtown area, the around 234 ha area is of great significance to the ‘lebensraum' and economic area of Zurich and will thus be set aside for a land use of cantonal and regional interest. AS&P developed urban planning scenarios, with and without aviation uses, within the scope of the test planning, as a basis for the discussions concerning the further development of the site and for establishing planning consistency with the bordering districts. Assuming the embedment of the new development into the regional and local context, the interdisciplinary planning includes, alongside the urban restructuring and landscape upgrading of the formerly sealed off area, the consideration of integrating large-scale specialized uses, such as an innovation park or civil aviation airport. At this juncture, particular significance was placed on the transition areas to existing settlements and landscapes, the location and dimensions of a possible runway and the positioning of this location as an attractive and unique setting within the Zurich Metropolitan Region. Furthermore, the continuation of the Glattalbahn will serve to optimize the local public transport system. This area, due to its size, demands a phased development which permits the integration of existing structures worthy of preservation and adheres to the surrounding standards.

Urban planning scenarios without aviation uses


Baudirektion Kanton Zürich, Amt für Raumentwicklung

Planning area:

236 ha


Airport | Commercial / Industrial