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Legal zoning plan no. 32.40 "Turley-Areal", Mannheim, 2012 - 2015

The release by 2015 of military sites covering in all more than 500 hectares for civil uses provides the City of Mannheim with a unique opportunity to sustainably develop on a large scale areas of the city that were previously unavailable. The conversion of the former “Turley Barracks”, which with historical buildings occupies a prominent position on Friedrich Ebert Strasse close to downtown Mannheim, marks the start of this assignment. On the basis of a sound urban development concept, AS&P, on behalf of MWS Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH drew up the legal zoning plan no. 32.40 “Turley Site”. As a result, in March 2015 planning permission was granted for an up-market mixed-usage downtown quarter with housing, commercial premises, and services on the largest section of the 13-hectare planning area. The legal zoning plan procedure was accompanied by a broad-based public information and discussion process, the results of which were fully taken into consideration in the plans. In close collaboration with the city and MWSP, AS&P coordinated the authorities, specialists, and institutions involved in the planning process, as well as the expert opinions (environment, transport, noise protection, drainage) required for the legal zoning plan.

Draft legal zoning plan no. 32.40 “Turley site”


MWS Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH

Planning area:

13 ha


Commercial / Industrial | Culture / Education | Mixed-Use | Office / Administration | Residential Development