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Legal Zoning Plan No. 58.40 Draishöfe Residential Park, Mannheim, 2006

The legal zoning plan for the approx. three-hectare factory site at the former Drais works in the Waldhof district Mannheim was drawn up on the basis of the urban structural concept compiled by Albert Speer & Partner GmbH in 2005. The aim was to create high-end inner-city residential and mixed usage facilities on the former heavy-duty industrial site by making the development for the most part traffic-free. In particular, the legal zoning planning procedure was intended to overcome the legal planning problem relating to the high level of emissions in the direct vicinity caused by heavy traffic and industrial use. The problem of contaminated ground also played an important role in the planning procedure. As the compilation of the legal zoning plan served the rehabilitation of an area within the urban framework, and as such inner-city development, the new accelerated procedure in section 12a of the Federal Town and Country Planning Code, which was introduced in 2007 was able to be tested and successfully implemented for the first time.

legal zoning plan


Deutsche Reihenhaus AG, Kaiserslautern

Planning area:

3 ha


Residential Development