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Legal Zoning Plan No. 92 "Gehespitz-Gelände", Neu-Isenburg, 2004 - 2005

To the west of the town of Neu-Isenburg lies the Gehespitz site, a 65,000 square meter large property that has been the home of an internationally active construction firm as well as associated companies since the early 20th century. Today, the site is to be redeveloped for logistics operators by Harder & Partner. As the existing buildings and facilities are, however, of no use to the logistics firms, the entire site must be cleared. The proposed logistics operations require large lots and an efficient and simple circulation network. Municipal Land Use Plan No. 92 sets the legal basis for the redevelopment while ensuring that environmental and landscape protection concerns are duly respected. The decision to draw up Land Use Plan No. 92 was made in January 2005 by the municipal council of Neu-Isenburg on the basis of an urban design framework study previously made by AS&P. The plan was officially approved a mere eight months later, in September 2005. Developing the land use plan in such a brief time period was only made possible through a tight planning schedule and continuous participation on the part of all concerned parties (town representatives, the investor, professionals, planner and authorities).

Legal zoning plan No. 92 "Gehespitz-Gelände"


Stadt Neu-Isenburg

Planning area:

65 ha


Commercial / Industrial | Office / Administration