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Legal Zoning Plan Birkengewann, Neu-Isenburg, 2006 - 2008

In 2004, AS&P elaborated a framework plan for the "Birkengewann" development area. This plan was the basis for the Birkengewann zoning plan no. 83 commissioned by the City of Neu-Isenburg. In a two-year planning process, the legal planning requirements for the final associated development area (approx. 25 ha) were established. This was supported by the inclusion of expert opinions on the issues of transport, noise, hydrology / drainage, landscape planning as well as reorganization and reallocation of land holdings. One of the more significant planning tasks was the study of housing conditions compatible with urban planning. These conditions were determined by the residing neighborhood of the existing fire department base, a planned sporting facility as well as the major adjacent roads Friedhofstraße and Offenbacher Straße. The distinct challenge ultimately lay in legally classifying / integrating the project into the simultaneously running planning endeavors: the expansion of the Frankfurt Airport and the regional land use planning of the Planungsverband Frankfurt/Rhine-Main. The planning process was distinguished by the intensive cooperation with the relevant technical authorities as well as with local residents.

Zoning plan Birkengewann


Stadt Neu-Isenburg

Planning area:

24 ha


Commercial / Industrial | Open Space | Residential Development | Sport