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Legal Zoning Plan “Lisdorfer Berg” composting plant, Saarlouis, 2011 - 2014

In 2011 SBB Saarland Bau und Boden Projektgesellschaft mbH, with the agreement of the district town of Saarlouis, commissioned AS&P to conduct legal site planning for the municipal composting and recycling plant on “Lisdorfer Berg”. In 2010 the Saarland State Office of the Environment and Occupational Safety (LUA), in line with the legislation governing emissions, initially authorized the expansion and operation of the “Lisdorfer Berg” composting and recycling plant for a limited amount of time. Inasmuch as, with regard to planning law, the outside area of the plant, as defined by section 35 of the German Town and Country Planning Code (BauGB), were structured and secured in a legally binding way by means of a legal zoning plan, the time restriction was to be lifted and converted into an unlimited operating license. The site is immediately adjacent to the new, approx. 167-hectare “Lisdorfer Berg Industrial Park”, which AS&P planned. As such, with regard to the legal site planning for the “Lisorfer Berg” composting plant, the focus was not only on usage requirements specific to the plant itself, but also on conceiving them such that they did not conflict with access structures for the adjacent industrial park. In addition to providing legal site planning services in accordance with the German Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers (HOAI), AS&P also supervised the legal site planning procedure.

the “Lisdorfer Berg composting plant” legal zoning plan


SBB Saarland Bau und Boden Projektgesellschaft mbH

Planning area:

3 ha


Commercial / Industrial