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Legal Zoning Plan "Gleisbauhof", Hanau, 2008

The Lamboy district, located in the northeastern part of Hanau, is to be the home of a new specialty retail and recreation center as well as bordering commercial and residential areas. The center, with around 29,000 sqm of retail space, is located on a former railway brownfield. In order to establish the required planning policy for this purpose, the development of a zoning plan and parallel revision of the land use plan was necessary. AS&P - Albert Speer & Partner GmbH were assigned to elaborate the land use plans plus manage the planning process. This encompassed the coordination of the technical expert as well as the intensive collaboration with the City of Hanau and the responsible technical authorities. The concretization of the zoning plans were developed in close cooperation with the investor. The technical planning challenges of the project were represented, on the one hand, by the integration of the environmental and noise protection requirements and, on the other, by the adaption of the allowed retail uses to the spatial goals of the area. Under the general management of AS&P, the complex process was able to be successfully concluded in just 10 months.

Legal zoning plan "track construction yard"


HU 1 Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG

Planning area:

27 ha


Residential Development