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Bayern Munich Club Grounds, Munich, 2005 - 2013

The Fürst Wrede Barracks on Ingolstädter Strasse straddle the boundary marking the northern city limit of the state capital Munich and the southern border of the community of Oberschleissheim. In 2007 Bayern München e.V. acquired the approx. 33-hectare northern section of the site from the Federal Republic of Germany, with the intention of developing it for new club grounds where it would concentrate on the amateur sport sections. By opening up the facilities to other clubs and organizations it also hoped to play a part in providing the north of Munich with appropriate sporting opportunities. AS&P, in close collaboration with the club, compiled an overall concept for gradually developing the site in terms of structural and open space planning, and traffic. The final stage envisages the construction of up two four halls, including a large one with capacity for 5,000 spectators, a club house, and other sports fields and small pitches. On the basis of the development concept that has been agreed on, AS&P is also responsible for the complex process of compiling two cross-boundary legal zoning plans that are meshed in terms of content. Complemented by changes to each of the preparatory land use plans, these will be devised in a coordinated procedure.

legal zoning plan no. 1982 of the bavarian state capital of Munich


FC Bayern München e.V.

Planning area:

30 ha