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Legal Zoning Plan "Sport Park / Stadium Triangle", Frankfurt am Main, 2002 - 2004

As a venue for the World Cup Soccer games in 2006 changes will be necessary in the area within the stadium triangle in Frankfurt's southern environs. In part they have already begun with the modifications to the Waldstadion. In addition, the construction of a multipurpose arena with a seating capacity of approximately 14,500 and a sports hotel are also being contemplated. When being redeveloped the stadium triangle is to embody the concept of multi-facetted uses. It is to be developed as a venue for diverse sports, cultural and social events and become an area of recreation and activity. It must also meet and react to today's economic requirements. The legal framework for these developments is to be established in a land-use plan, which AS&P is compiling in the employ of the Waldstadion GmbH and the City of Frankfurt. Aside from the actual process of compiling the land-use plan AS&P is also responsible for coordinating the various sectoral professionals (landscape planning, traffic planning, noise impact planning and service and disposal planning) as well as organizing the individual planning processes.

legal zoning plan No. 846 "Sport Park / Stadium Triangle"


Stadt Frankfurt am Main / Waldstadion Frankfurt am Main, Gesellschaft für Projektentwicklung mbH

Planning area:

40 ha