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Preparatory Land Use Plan for the City of Biedenkopf, 2010 - 2015

The town of Biedenkopf in Hessen (Giessen administrative district) has a valid preparatory land use plan dating from 1995, which has since been amended a few times. Among other things, the aim behind the amended version is to take into account important tends in urban development, such as the spatial impact of demographic change, and to indicate land for the use of renewable energy sources. Furthermore, the plan is to compile a digital version of the land use plan for 2025. On behalf of the town of Biedenkopf AS&P digitalized the previous preparatory land use plan, updated it on the basis of research and surveys (e.g., infill sites and land reserves), and conducted the Town and Country Planning Code procedure with regard to amending plans. Alongside the formal procedure, in close collaboration with the client AS&P moreover coordinated with the relevant authorities in decision-making processes. With regard to the use of wind energy, a previous comprehensive AS&P study of the possible designation of concentration zones for wind farms was implemented in the preparatory land use plan.

Partial land use plan, core city


Magistrat der Stadt Biedenkopf


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