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Legal Zoning Plan Sportpark Bösfeld - Arena, Mannheim, 2001 - 2004

Since 1999, the City of Mannheim has been intent on setting aside a site for a new multifunctional hall / arena to serve their ice hockey team the "Adler Mannheim" and simultaneously serve as an event hall. AS&P - Albert Speer & Partner GmbH evaluated the site accor-ding to a long list of criteria in an update of the feasibility study carried out in 2002. The major objective was to evaluate the arena's effects on the environment. Bösfeld was found to be the most suitable out of seven evaluated sites. From this study, AS&P created the structural concept "Mann-heim Fairgrounds and Sports Park", which highlighted possible synergies between Mannheim's fairgrounds and the Sports Park at Bösfeld and developed alternative spatial use allocations. AS&P subsequently created a development plan for the 230,000 sqm area that fulfilled the legal requirements for the building of a multifunctional hall / arena with ca. 14,300 seats, including infrastructure requirements. On December 15th, 2003, the VGH Baden-Württemberg rejected the project based on resident dissatisfaction.

legal zoning plan


Stadt Mannheim

Planning area:

23 ha