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Legal zoning plan for the Sinsheim-Sued Bundesliga Football Stadium, 2006 - 2007

A new and ultra-modern football stadium is currently being built on an approximately 18.5 ha-large site directly adjacent to the A6 highway in the southwestern urban area of the City of Sinsheim. It has covered seating for approximately 30,000 spectators - of which 1,500 are business seats and 40 are private boxes - and will in the future become the home of TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, a team playing in the second national football league. The stadium will be completed in 2009. Space has been provided in the immediate vicinity of the stadium for all ancillary facilities, roads and parking areas required for its operation. 2,000 are spread out on various lots in the immediate vicinity. DH Besitzgesellschaft mbH & Co KG in Walldorf asked AS&P to develop the legal land use plan for the stadium. Throughout the planning process AS&P cooperated closely with the responsible authorities, the stadium's architects, traffic planners, landscape planners and civil engineers. This enabled AS&P to manage the complex legal land use planning process in a period of 10 months after which the legal basis for the construction of the stadium was firmly established.

Legal zoning plan "Stadion Sinsheim-Süd"


DH Besitzgesellschaft mbH & Co KG, Walldorf


185,000 m²

Planning area:

18 ha