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Legal Zoning Plan "BMW-Werk" / Industrial Park North, Leipzig, 2000 - 2003

To the northwest of the city of Leipzig, in the immediate vicinity of the Leipzig fairgrounds the new Northern Industrial Park and new BMW automobile plant are being built. In total the site is 670 ha in size, a large portion of which is taken up by the 200 ha BMW plant. The park project also includes 120 ha of commercial and industrial lots, the necessary infrastructure and environmental compensation areas. AS&P was commissioned by the city of Leipzig to draw up the land-use plan for the park. The plan established, within a period of less than two years, the legal foundation for the construction of the automobile plant and additional commercial and industrial lots. It also established the basis for the implementation of the infrastructure and landscape compensation measures. Concurrently to the land-use plan AS&P also compiled a landscape and structural concept for the principle elements of the industrial park to maximize its integration into the adjoining developed areas.

Legal Zoning Plan "BMW-Werk" / Industrial Park North


Stadt Leipzig

Planning area:

670 ha


Commercial / Industrial