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Legal Zoning Plan "Rathenaustrasse Intersection", Neu-Isenburg, 2008

The demand for a zoning plan arose through the construction of the northern link road in the neighboring municipality Dreieich between the former B3 / Frankfurter Straße and the B46. The realization of the link road and the associated increase in traffic volumes will cause the existing Rathenaustraße intersection in Neu-Isenburg to be insufficient in terms of its capacity. An expansion of the intersection, which makes use of additional forest areas in the outskirt area, is necessary. Within the framework of urban land use planning and alongside the traffic demands, the surrounding periphery of the residential area will also be upgraded for residents. This will entail the relocation of the road as far away from residential development as possible. In addition, the zoning plan will determine noise control provisions. The zoning plan was swiftly developed within nine months, in collaboration with transportation and landscape planning offices, and the realization of the measures is planned for 2009.

Legal Zoning Plan No. 101 "Rathenaustrasse Intersection"


Stadt Neu-Isenburg

Planning area:

5 ha