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Legal Zoning Plan Sandershaeuser Berg Commercial Zone, Niestetal, 2007 - 2010

In the spring of 2010 the resolution in favor of planning procedures marked the first milestone in the development of an inter-authority commercial zone measuring some 130 hectares in total along the A 7 highway in the north of the federal state of Hesse. In August 2009 AS&P - Albert Speer & Partner GmbH was commissioned by the community of Niestetal to draw up several development plans for 25-hectare commercial areas with corresponding traffic access. The project stands out for the constructive collaboration between several planning companies and extremely close-knit, transparent decision-making with the relevant administrative authorities in the region. As a result of the strictly organized planning process initiated by AS&P, which involved the largest employer in the community of Niestetal, SMA Solar Technology AG, building permission was granted in less than one year. The start of work on the first stage of developing this commercial center can create over 1,000 jobs. In the planning process particular importance was attached to agriculture, nature and the countryside, the conservation of species, flood protection, and the climate. To this end an extensive compensation package relating to the conservation of nature and species was put together. In addition to construction land the development also includes an approx. 6-hectare area for open space photovoltaic systems.

legal zoning plan no. 37 "Sandershäuser Berg commercial zone"


Gemeinde Niestetal

Planning area:

72 ha


Commercial / Industrial | Transport Facilities