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Legal Zoning Plan "Industrial Site Lisdorfer Berg", Saarlouis, 2010 - 2012

For more than 30 years now the creation of a new industrial park on "Lisdorfer Berg" in the district town of Saarlouis has been an important element in development planning in the Saarland. The federal state has set itself the goal of occupying a prime starting position in the regional competition to attract new business ventures and intends to achieve this by making large continuous industrial sites available. Given the prominent position close to the border between Germany and France and the efficient transport infrastructure, the site will also be suitable for major industrial facilities that require a resilient framework with regard to the laws governing pollution control. In 2009, AS&P was commissioned to draw up an urban development master plan for the "Lisdorfer Berg Industrial Park". In cooperation with various specialist planners we succeeded in addressing the previous implementation-related technical problems (which included coping with rainwater) and providing a solution. The aim was to acquire permission to develop an area of some 170 hectares. Immediately after completion of the framework plan in April 2010 the legal zoning planning was initiated, and parallel to this, with the drawing up of a legal zoning plan, the "Lisdorfer Berg" section of the town of Saarlouis' valid preparatory land use plan amended. The legal site planning focused in particular on dealing with nature conservation-related issues, on a reconciliation of interests with regard to agriculture, and on flexible implementation. During the planning process, a solution was found for all questions pertaining to property rights, which play a key role in the development and later marketing of the industrial park. In July 2013 the amendment to the preparatory land use plan and the announcement of the resolution adopting the "Lisdorfer Berg Industrial Park" legal zoning plan marked the completion of the legal site planning procedure.

Legal Zoning Plan "Industrial Site Lisdorfer Berg", AS&P 2010-2013


gwSaar - Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftsförderung Saar mbH

Planning area:

170 ha


Commercial / Industrial