Michael Kirchgessner, Dipl.-Ing.

born in 1973. Study at the University of Karlsruhe. Since 2002 responsible for the entire business of IT. CIO. at AS&P.

In general AS&P works with models, i.e., on the basis of building information modeling (BIM) or related technologies such as GIS (geographical information system). AS&P uses this combination of geometric planning data and supplementary alphanumeric information to accelerate and optimize planning and coordination processes, for quality assurance purposes, and to communicate complex contents by means of virtual reality.

Our vision involves consistently including clients and partners in the BIM process – and making the corresponding benefits available to them in full. In order to maintain our competitive edge we are permanently advancing the requisite technologies. We help developers and clients introduce suitable BIM processes and structures, regardless of the size of the assignment.

Our IT system ensures that the requisite infrastructure is readily available, is flexible as possible, and mobile, and is the backbone of this strategy. As such our teams are ready for action at any time anywhere in the world. Maximum data security is just as much par for the course as the provision of state-of-the-art communication and data platforms on proprietary servers.

Key technical data:
Number of workstations: 180
Software solution planning: Autodesk Revit, Architecture, Civil 3D
Model check / coordination: Solibri, Autodesk Navisworks